Campaign 2017

Campaign Goal: $400,000

From the Director


For over a decade we have committed our lives to reaching people who are struggling with addictions and other life-crippling decisions. Our sole purpose is to see lives set free through the power of the Gospel. When this happens families can be restored, communities can be served and God is most glorified. We are now at a crossroads. The demand for Christ-centered residential recovery outpaces our current capacity to meet the need. The challenges are immense and more than ever we need your financial support to expand facilities and staffing in order to meet these dynamic needs.

Rebuilding Lives!

Todd Robinson

The Objectives


✶Expand & upgrade our current men’s residential facilities in order to increase capacity ($200,000).

✶Increase staff to meet expanded capacity ($70,000).

✶Purchase additional vehicle to meet expanded capacity ($10,000).

✶Establish a Reentry office to facilitate long term success for men and women returning to their communities after long term recovery is complete ($120,000).

Our Goal: $400,000

The Importance


There’s an old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words and the picture above says a lot. When you see men successfully return to their families…well that’s how important this is.  Addiction is destroying today’s families which are the very foundation of any society. God created family long before He made the church or government.  If families fail then we all fail.  When families succeed then societies succeed.  That’s how important your  gift is to us today!