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Mission statement

Rescue, Recover, and Restore men into a right relationship with God, their families, and their communities.

Vision statement

Transforming lives though the power of Christ. Replacing long-term addiction with eternal freedom.

Explanation of Services

The Next Step Men’s Home is a 12-month faith-based, Christ-centered ministry developed over the last decade while helping hundreds of troubled lives. Our discipleship homes are more than just another program that teaches you to cope with life, as we use an unique approach to develop life-long stability. We believe there is true freedom from addictions and other life crippling strongholds that many of us experience.

Activities include: Daily devotionals and Bible studies, Discipleship training, Praise and Worship, regular Church service, Outreach Ministry, and volunteer work with other local non-profits.


All prospective residents are individually screened and either accepted or denied depending on their willingness to commit to our program. An initial phone interview is required and a follow up interview onsite will determine the eligibility of the applicant. Rules and regulations will be explained if accepted.


Phase 1 (first 6 months) requires the men to pay $100 per month for food.  Men will work fundraiser events to help defray other costs.

Phase 2 (second 6 months) requires men to find employment and pay $100 per week in addition to the $100 per month for food.

Fees include: Housing, Utilities, residential supervision, drug and alcohol screening, and monthly written reports to court appointed agencies if necessary.


More on our Admissions and our RU Program


If you or someone you know is struggling with an addiction and needs and wants help, please let us know. To apply, go to our Admissions page or click the button below.

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Reformers Unanimous

RU (Reformers Unanimous) started in 1996 as a small Friday night Bible study for men and women struggling with stubborn addictions and habits. Since that time RU has opened over 1,000 chapters in the United States and 22 countries.

RU meets at Mikado Baptist Church on Tuesday nights at 7:00 PM. For more information go to our Reformers Unanimous page or click the button below.

Reformers Unanimous

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