Reformers Unanimous


About RU

Our Society today is marred by addiction, marital and family problems, depression, and other crushing strongholds. Here at Reformer’s Unanimous we can help. RU is an addiction program that is helping countless people find victory when there was once defeat. RU meets every Tuesday night at Mikado Baptist Church in Macon, GA from 7-9 PM. Each session consists of powerful testimonies, group sessions and life principles. For more info visit for our local chapter and for our national website. Join us on Tuesday at 7 PM and let us show you how the truth can set you free…finally!

We can Help Break the Chains

Lasting Change

This is a program designed to get to the root of the problem. Through Reformer’s Unanimous we have seen people not just stop an addiction, but change their lifestyle. They have found happiness, purpose, and meaning. You can too!

Stories of Victory

Hear powerful stories of changed lives each week from our students. This weekly time of encouraging testimonies will give you a positive outlook to start your weekend.

Great Teaching

Every class ends with a 30- minute lesson that will explain valuable principles from the Bible that are key to your recovery process.

Personal Counseling

We offer free group and individual counseling on a wide variety of topics to include addiction, marriage, finance, depression, and family.

Complete Curriculum

We have a full line of complete, comprehensive discipleship curriculum as well as addiction education booklets that help you to understand the truth about your specific addiction.


7:00 PM on Tuesdays at Mikado Baptist Church

6751 Houston Rd. Macon, Ga 31216